Relentless Marketing Concepts

Instead, the company listened to customers and discovered that people really did want good workmanship, thought Zenith possessed it and were willing to pay a premium price for it. The first principle was indeed an obvious one—in the opinion of most experts, however, an easily forgotten one. The fact that so many organizations fail to grasp the need for making an itemized list of just what the customer buys when he buys their product or service supports this accusation. And you are most vulnerable to this concept if you understand that new scientific technology must be market-focused and made commercially effective through “innovations in marketing. ” Your business needs a positioning concept; otherwise, you’ll look like your competitors. Or, even worse, your target audience or your competitors may be the ones who position you. A core idea concept simply describes the product or service being offered, and it is used to determine whether an idea is of interest to a potential buyer.

Print Marketing – More traditional marketing still uses print media to reach their target audience by employing ull advertising campaigns and guest features in magazines and newspapers that the target audience reads. Listen, no good marketing manager will focus solely on sales but some quick-and-dirty online shops still abide by the Selling Concept even in modern marketing. And while this is certainly a part of an overall marketing strategy, it is hardly what a marketing team or professional does on the day-to-day.

Note that the positioning concept only selectively uses the useful product features — not all of them — to support the benefit. McDonald’s delivers “quality, service, cteanlmess, and value” Co customers around the ‘world, hern in the world’s largest McDonald’s in Beijing. Of all of the marketing objectives, this is the one that most people think of when they think of a marketing department or team. Sales promotion, advertising, and PR campaigns designed to increase interest in your product are all covered by the marketing team. Video Marketing – Recent technological advances have made it easier than ever to produce quality videos for basically no money. Considering that almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, it makes sense that some companies would want to put some marketing effort into videos as well.

Global competition is now a fact of economic life for the industrialized nations as well as for most of the developing economies. The global marketplace is as real for the small manufacturer and local retailer or bank as it is for the multinational corporation.

It mistakenly thought that “rock-bottom” prices were the only value producing the bulk of its sales. The company…became extraordinarily good at producing a wide line of ice cream products at rock bottom costs. Since supermarkets need to create low-price impressions in order to attract and hold customers, selling successfully to them means getting down to rock-bottom prices. Zenith did not invent its “quality” appeal in a brainstorming session.

Marketing Concept

Being portable is really a consumer benefit, while being thin and light are just features of the new product. In the positioning concept, theses features are used to support the consumer benefit.

An example used in my book (with Apple’s permission) is the MacBook Air. The core idea for the Air is that it is thin and lightweight and has all sorts of nifty add-ons for storage and processing power. That sounds good; now we understand what the product is all about and we’ve gotten a laundry list of features that may or may not be relevant to a buyer. In contrast, the positioning concept sells a benefit — fundamentally, the new shape and size of the MacBook Air makes it “ultraportable” and not a space hog in your briefcase. The use of “ultra” suggests superiority versus other Mac and PC options.

The Management Dictionary covers over 2000 business concepts from 6 categories. Content creation, marketing and distribution on the most effective social media sites. I was in Nashville visiting a client for a marketing strategy session. I had heard some great things about this facility but had never been there. Upon entering the facility, I was greeted by 2 very nice receptionists who were ready to help me figure out what I was doing. My awareness of interior design was mostly developed by watching the home shows on TV with my wife. Recently, I started to become aware of how important interior design can be when it comes to marketing your business.