New Words

Because old words aren't funny

Words are good. They're interesting, and they give the alphabet something to do besides loitering  outside Big Bird's crib. So the more words the merrier, right? I have a few suggestions: 


Intercholia - That empty feeling you get when you realize you've reached the end on the internet and are reduced to googling Phil Donahue to see if he's still alive.


Pedarise - What happens when you give a kid too much yeast.

Decorative pillows

Pillorasty - A psychological disorder that compels women to smother a perfectly functional couch with decorative pillows.

Decorectomy - A high-risk procedure a man performs just to take a bloody nap.

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Bullabi - A clever explanation to get yourself out of trouble. Example:

Cop: Listen bonehead, you're going down, we just found ten bags of meth in you pants.

Bonehead: They ain't my pants.


Electubate - When a disgraced politician like Anthony "Tweeter" Wiener tries to satisfy his craving for attention by running for re-election. 

Electegret - What you feel knowing you voted for the tool. 


Suspended Noxiousation - When time seems to stand still while waiting for a break in the conversation so you can retreat to a quiet, well-ventilated corner. 



Post-communication - Like post-modernism, only harder to explain. 


Pre-comunication - The moistening of the lips just before speaking. 

I'm sure you have more: 

Copyright 2013 Paul J. Rasmussen