¡Fall Carnival!

Smokes, Tattoos and Four-on-the Floor


Dear Lantry Country Day Parents,

It's that time of year again! Last year's Carnival was a wonderful success, the weather was beautiful, the children had a great time, and none of the staff showed up too drunk. The only disappointment is that we raised just $524,ooo. If we are going to go forward with our plans to buy Guyana before Hugo Chavez moves in, we need to raise at least $750,ooo at this year's carnival. So to get you as excited about Carnival as I am, I thought I'd give you an update about this year's festivities. 

For those of you who haven't heard, we are going to do things a little differently this time. In keeping with this year's school-wide theme "White-but-not-Uptight" we've elected to have Lucille Burns and her husband Junior chair the 2010 Carnival. Those of you who know their children, Kiki and Little Junior, already know we're in for a wild time! 

We are of course going to keep the familiar Lantry traditions alive. There will be the old favorites: face painting, lollypop wheel, bake sale, toy raffle and dunk tank (or as some like to call it the "drunk tank"--those crazy 5th graders!) And we still need volunteers to staff all of these activities. Personally, for a few minutes away from my kids and the chance to sit next to Ms. M I'd facepaint Junior's pitbulls!

But Lucille has also organized some new events that are sure to please:

Tatoo Booth. Sure the kids love face painting, but it never lasts more than two or three days, depending on how long they go between baths. To give the kids a chance to walk away with more permanant memories of Carnival, Lucille is bringing in the artists from Sterile Ray's Tatoos and Piercing on 1st Ave. Does your Kindergardener fancy the school crest on his arm? Your 3rd grader the logo of her favorite band on her shoulder? Is your 7th grader having a baby (hello Jones family!) and you want to commemorate the special event with baby's name in fancy script on your knuckles? Well here's your chance--and all for a good cause. Sure beats your kid getting a schoolyard tat' from a 5th grader with a Bic Rollerball. Ray's artists are guaranteed sober, steady and good spellers. 

Special for Dads: rumor has it that Ms. K is going to get inked with the Hindi words "tantric party." $10 will get you a spot in the "where" pool. 

And for all you gearheads out there hold on to your seats! Head of School Michael "Nitro Mike" Trunchbull has thrown down the gauntlet. He and his '08 M5 will go head-to-head with Junior's '71 Hemi 'Cuda. Straight down Smith St. Three blocks of  balls-to-the-wall wheel-smokin' action! Can he do it? 

And finally, the adult raffle. Lots of great prizes for you to win. Donators include Hot Dolly's Pet Shop, Pete's Massage Parlor and Peachville Dentures. But the big prize will be the "Let's Get Our Lantry On" package: Our own resident stillmeister (yes, you know who) is back in business after a brief scare from the ATF and will be donating two bottles each of his Wenatchee Valley Apple Harvest Hot Sauce and Pacific Co-op Organic Cornmeal White Dog. Might make you stupid, but it won't make you blind. He will be teaming up with Skammamish Tribal Fireworks and Smokeshop which will be donating 6 cartons (1200 cigarettes!) of Merit Ultras and a gross of Black Cat bottle rocket handi-packs. Get your tickets in early!  

Like I said, this is a big year for us and there are still a lot of spots to fill in the volunteer roster. And we are still looking for a flag girl for the big race. Now that Penelope Sutherland is out of action from her tennis accident (mimosas after the match next time--just a suggestion) here's your chance to step up and show us how you wave it around (the flag that is). OK Lantry community, we are counting on you. Let's make 2010 the biggest year ever! 

Thanks for your support,
Paul Rasmussen (room parent, Ms. M's third grade)

Copyright 2013 Paul J. Rasmussen