The Holy Grail is not a Sippy Cup

Show me the Sangreal...and I'll show you just one more mess you'll have to clean up

In case you might have missed the memo, people love to tell others what to do. It's one of the best things about being a parent. But some people aren't satisfied with just ordering their kids around. …

Battle Hymn of the Spartan Mother

Think Jocasta-meets-Patton

You are probably as tired of hearing about the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua, as I am. (If you are lucky enough to have already forgotten who she is, click here.) That doesn't mean we can't squeeze yet a few more drops of blood out of her. …

High Roller Special

When my man Alex H. does the talking, people listen...or shoot him in Weehawken.

I have been receiving a lot of mail here at AAD and will periodically share some of it with you. I thought I would start with a question that is especially relevant to the holiday season. …

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